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Thanks for your interest in learning more about our Travel Packages and having the ability to start a home-based business.

My name is Merry Lynn Shepherd and I live in sunny Clearwater, Florida. 7 years ago when I was interviewed about how a stay-at-home mom could start a wholesale travel business from home, it started with me wanting to buy the product so my husband and I could finally afford to travel. We loved the product so much I thought "What if this was a way for me to finally earn the income I needed? I went through the one-on-one training program and have never looked back.

Before I started working from home, we were in a very desperate situation in our lives! Financially and emotionally exhausted!!! Stress levels were over the top and my husband had serious health problems compounded by the extreme stress. We had numerous credit cards maxed out, in debt up to my eyeballs, with no way out! I thought he would never be able to retire; I thought we would be in debt to the day we died!!!  I knew that something had to change!

As a result of that ONE decision, following this system that was already in place, we generated $92,000 in our first year working and my adult kids have witnessed what this business has done for our lives and today several of them enjoy the product themselves.  Over the past 7 years, as a direct result of that one decision, my husband and I have paid off over $300,000 of debt and are very close to being 100% debt free.  Who would have thought??  This is in spite of the fact that my husband was actually laid off from his full time career as a senior level computer programmer early on in our business.  

We have more time to travel; more time to spend time with kids and grandkids and make memories together. Seven years ago, I could never have believed what my life was going to be like today! We are truly blessed as a family!

If you want to learn how you can work from home and be part of this industry, give me a call.

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Income Disclaimer: These are real people who build their own business by making a choice to market the Coastal Travel packages. The income they are making has come from hard work and their determination to succeed. Their results are atypical. As with any business venture the money you could make will depend upon your own efforts and determination to succeed. No income guarantees made on website, conference call or any area within DFI are expressed or implied. Results will vary. Coastal Vacations/Coastal Travel is NOT a seller of travel and therefore is not licensed to sell travel. Coastal sells Travel and Travel Related Discount Packages that provide discounted access to many travel and travel related companies. To build a successful business you must make 3 sales while guided by your director and at that point your director will provide you with the documentation that allows you to get access to the packages at wholesale. The average person buys a coastal package generates NO income and simply benefits from the Travel savings as structured by the Coastal Board of Directors.